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By Katelyn Bolte, LPCC  Child and Adolescent Services Program Manager for ARMOR Day Treatment

At 13 years old, my client, Emma, was skipping school, isolating from her family and engaging in risky peer relationships. She refused to connect and make progress with adults in her life.  She had uncontrollable outbursts and skipped therapy appointments.

The start of a new school year and increased stress due to the tension in our world significantly impacted Emma last year.  Thankfully she was referred to ARMOR Day Treatment for Teens and agreed to enroll. Today she is thriving! She has a better understanding of her triggers and trauma history. She is using coping skills to communicate honestly with family members and is able to set boundaries with peers. Emma is now attending school consistently and has even landed a job, working regularly. Emma is hopeful and healing!

As we head into the third month of school, it’s no surprise that we are observing an increase in anxiety and isolation. Typically, this is the time when the “honeymoon phase” that follows the introduction to the school year ends, and teens struggle with unrealized expectations. Some had high hopes for more friends, others thought they would have better grades. And then there are those who struggle in school due to stressors at home or in the community.

The Year of Restrictions and Isolation

While these more typical patterns might be present every year, we can recognize that the last two school years have brought restrictions, distance learning, uncertainty and increased isolation. Some teens may have been overlooked because they weren’t in an in-person school setting. Some weren’t a good fit for distance learning and missed out on additional support they needed. We know that without early intervention, problems compound. So how can we best support our teens today?

Emma was struggling and needed more support. Attending weekly therapy wasn’t enough to address all of the concerns she was experiencing. Maybe you know an “Emma” or a teen who was overlooked or unsupported last year. She needed more intensive treatment.  This article may help you better understand and assess the needs of a teen in your life. Click here to learn what to expect at ARMOR for teens: Intensive treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma-related mental health conditions. In-person and online.

More About ARMOR

We are here to partner with you on this journey as you determine the best next step. We have ARMOR programs in-person in our clinics:

  • Brookfield, WI
  • Lakeville, MN
  • Mankato, MN

Teens can also enroll in our ARMOR online programs in Wisconsin and in Minnesota. In Minnesota, ARMOR Day Treatment for Teens is a qualifying CTSS service.

To refer a teen or to discuss whether the ARMOR program is right for your teen, call our intake staff at 800-438-1772.  We look forward to serving those you care about and collaborating with you for the best care possible for your teen.

headshot of Katelyn BolteKatelyn Bolte, LPCC serves as Child & Adolescent Services Program Director for ARMOR Day Treatment. She specializes in working with adolescents and adults with anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. She meets with adolescents and adults for individual outpatient counseling and group facilitation.

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