Partnering with schools to support student mental health and wellness.

Our school-based counseling programs leverage all available resources to meet the needs of schools, students and families.

Christian Family Solutions offers innovative ways to deliver mental health services in a school setting through our School-based Counseling Partnership Program. Through this program, staff, students and families have the necessary support and guidance to access professional mental health services in the convenience of the school setting, reducing stigma and increasing the opportunity for early and effective intervention.

Our licensed mental health professionals have experience working in school settings, navigating confidentiality, and building the relationships for successful outcomes. Our flexible program keeps student needs at the center and aims to create a win-win-win situation for the school, its students and families, and CFS.


Benefits for partner schools

Our program options allow schools to access a level of care and expertise they might not be able to attain on their own, such as:

  • a licensed mental health professional on site
  • training for clinician and access to essential systems for documentation and licensure
  • liability and malpractice insurance
  • support teams to handle intake and billing for outpatient services
  • supervision of the clinical work required by DHS/DPI
  • telehealth capabilities when student or clinician is not on site
  • education for students and parents to help them understand how to access services
  • access to a team with broad experience, expertise, and levels of care


Donors make these partnerships possible.

We typically offer students the first few sessions with a school-based counselor at no cost. This helps break the ice, build trust, and create buy-in for a healing plan. If additional sessions are needed, parents can consent to continued treatment using insurance benefits. Those initial sessions are critical, and they are made possible by our generous donors. 

Donors can provide immediate use funds or help build our Teen Counseling Endowment. The endowment ensures long-term sustainability funding for youth counseling. Thank you to all of our donors for helping us carry out the important work of providing healing and hope to our youth. Learn about giving options here.