About Us

This world will challenge us physically, mentally, spiritually.

We provide solutions.

OUR MISSION: Healing and helping people in need through the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Through the centuries, Christian people have formed organizations to serve those in society who are struggling, less fortunate, hurting, lonely, or underserved. Christian Family Solutions (CFS) began to do just that in 1965.

Over the decades, our programs and services have changed, grown, and adapted with the changing needs of the world around us. Today, we are a vibrant ministry focusing on Counseling Care & Services.

CFS supports and cares for those who are most vulnerable in our society. We meet their needs in a caring and compassionate way, with excellence. With this approach, our work reflects the ministry of Jesus Christ.


When you join CFS, you have the opportunity to grow professionally and grow in your faith. Through your work, you will contribute to a mission and ministry larger than any one of us.

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Our Team
Meet the team members who serve each day as good stewards of our blessings, willing to accept the challenges of our mission. We draw our strength from Christ who enables us to do all things.

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Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors genuinely cares about healing and helping people in need. These Christ-centered stewards hold us accountable and advise us as we strive to meet the work of today with sustainability for tomorrow.

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Recent News
Read about the latest news and programs across Christian Family Solutions.

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Our History
Today’s effective outcomes are built on a rich history of work by others who have gone before us.

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Statement of Christian Faith
We profess our faith boldly and pray for strength to stand firmly when challenged.

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Our Mission
Our mission and values guide our work.

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Our Unique Approach
Modern psychology seeks to separate mental health care from personal faith. We believe that mental and spiritual health are intertwined, and treatment should be, too.

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In response to God’s great love for us, we conduct ourselves and our work according to these core values:

Our ultimate goal is to reflect the love of Jesus to those we serve, impacting them in this life and for eternity.

We are a partner and resource to the communities we serve, delivering healing, help, and hope.

We SUPPORT OUR EMPLOYEES in their choice to grow in faith and serve others.
We train, equip, and support them in a Christ-centered and professional environment.

We are GOOD STEWARDS of our donors’ gifts.
We honor God by making responsible business decisions and providing compassionate services.

We are RESPONSIVE to the needs of our changing world.
We use innovative, evidence-based methods and high standards of care to heal and help individuals.


Christian Family Solutions is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, affiliated with, but not financially supported by, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Read our Statement of Christian Faith here.


What makes Christian Family Solutions unique?

Quality Care:
We specialize in evidence-based treatment, integrated with Christian faith principles as desired by the client. Research has shown that quality mental health treatment integrated with an individual’s faith yields excellent, longer-lasting outcomes.

Collaborative Care:
We work with referring clinicians, medical professionals, and pastors to coordinate the best treatment plan for the client.

Compassionate Care:
We support and care for those who are most vulnerable in our society, removing barriers to care.

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