Our Unique Approach

What you can expect from CFS 

An integrated and holistic approach to mental health care 


Modern psychology seeks to separate mental health care from personal faith. We believe that mental and spiritual health are intertwined, and treatment should be, too.  

God created human beings with a body, a mind, and a soul. For this reason, we provide comprehensive, holistic care for our clients that considers all three of these aspects of humanity. Our providers pursue the highest industry standards of accreditation, licensure, competency, and certification because we desire to provide the highest quality care for your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.  

Many of our clients choose CFS because they do desire to have their care guided by principles and values of the Christian faith. Our approach embraces the two main aspects of the Bible’s teachings: God’s Law (His guide for living) and His Gospel (His forgiveness and grace when we and others fail to live according to the guidance He provides).

Our providers are skilled in providing the best-available mental health care techniques, evidence-based, blended with these Law and Gospel faith principles. This approach will be discussed with you in your treatment plan.  

If you are not ready to talk about your faith, that’s okay. We will meet you where you are. Any application of faith principles will be done with the appropriate sensitivity and cultural competence that meets or exceeds the standards of our profession as outlined in the American Psychological Association’s ethical code. 

We provide excellent and compassionate care to all clients, regardless of your socioeconomic background or your faith affiliation. We heal and help people in need with the same excellence and unconditional love that Jesus Christ demonstrated in His ministry. It is our hope that you feel welcomed, safe, and supported within our family of care. 

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