Mental Health Ministry

God loves all people, including those in distress.

We are called to love them, too.

One in four adults suffers from some sort of mental health condition during in their lifetime.  


The child who has developed acute anxiety. 

The teen who self-harms over body image. 

The mom suffering from postpartum depression. 

The dad battling addiction. 

The grandma who is lonely and becoming depressed. 

The son diagnosed with a serious mental illness,
struggling to hold down a job because of it.

The daughter who has been abused. 

The couple whose marriage is crumbling. 


These are the people sitting in the shadows, often afraid to reveal their pain.

God loves them, and God calls us to love them. We have a great opportunity to love and serve those going through emotional distress, who have experienced trauma, or who are suffering from mental health disorders. 

The resources available from secular mental health providers are helpful, and they only represent part of the healing equation. God created us body, mind, and spirit. A holistic approach to mental health care – one that includes spiritual healing – provides excellent outcomes, for this life and for eternity.1,2 

We want to work with you to reach more people with this unique approach to care. Use the button below to request more information about Christian counseling and mental health ministry.


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Member Assistance Program (MAP)
Much like an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), the CFS Member Assistance Program is a way for churches and organizations to help meet the mental health and wellness needs of their members by providing access to affordable care.

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Congregational Partnerships
Community Counseling Care Partnerships help congregations meet the needs of their members and explore community outreach opportunities. Through the partnership, congregations can make quality, Christ-centered care accessible and affordable.

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Host a Christian Counseling Focused Worship Service
Request a guest preacher from the CFS ministry team who will talk about the opportunities we have to offer Christ-centered healing and help to those in distress.

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School-Based Counseling Partnerships
Our school-based counseling programs leverage all available resources to meet the needs of schools, students and families.

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Educational Presentations
Bring one of our clinicians to your church, school, or community event to share expertise on a mental health and wellness topic of your choice.

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The Resilience Project
The Resilience Project is a six-week, faith-fueled resilience system training class. Participants learn strategies and build skills to cope and recover from times of difficulty and crisis. 

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Your Career as a Calling
Each of us at CFS contributes to a mission and ministry larger than any one of us – healing and helping people in need.

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Give to Support Mental Health Ministry
Learn how congregations and individuals can support this important healing ministry.

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Reaching out in love 

Perhaps the greatest mission field in the world right now is the hearts and minds of those who are hurting. When people are hurting, they are open to help. We have the opportunity to follow Jesus’ example and be accepting, loving, compassionate, and hopeful.   

Meeting this opportunity requires partnerships. No one entity can tackle the enormity of the mental health issues our world is facing right now. We are committed to leveraging every available resource to bring solutions to those who need counseling care and services. Explore the partnership options here on this page. Learn more about how your church or ministry can provide mental health resources to your members and to your community. 


What makes Christian Family Solutions unique?

Quality Care:
We specialize in evidence-based treatment, integrated with Christian faith principles as desired by the client. Research has shown that quality mental health treatment integrated with an individual’s faith yields excellent, longer-lasting outcomes.

Collaborative Care:
We work with referring clinicians, medical professionals, and pastors to coordinate the best treatment plan for the client.

Compassionate Care:
We support and care for those who are most vulnerable in our society, removing barriers to care.

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1Koenig H. G., 2012, Religion, spirituality, and health: the research and clinical implications. ISRN psychiatry, 2012, 278730. 

2VanderWeele, T.J. Religion and health: a synthesis. (2017) In: Peteet, J.R. and Balboni, M.J. (eds.). Spirituality and Religion within the Culture of Medicine: From Evidence to Practice. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.