Day Treatment For Teens

Online treatment options in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Telehealth removes barriers. Teens who have transportation issues or other concerns about in-person treatment have access to care.

Online day treatment makes it possible for clients to access treatment from home or school using a computer or portable device with webcam, microphone, and speakers. This program is offered to anyone in Minnesota or Wisconsin, regardless of proximity to our clinics.

CFS Day Treatment for Teens-Online offers the same programming as our in-person day treatment, adapted to the online format. Our intake staff can help determine whether online treatment is right for your teen.






Advantages of an online treatment program include:

  • No transportation issues
  • Minimal disruptions in treatment due to quarantines or health concerns
  • Accessible treatment for those who live in areas without treatment options nearby
  • Family schedules and community involvement for teens can be maintained

In our experience, certain teens do better in an online treatment environment. Teens who are prone to distractions or dysregulation can experience the benefits of group treatment in a quieter setting. Some teens with high anxiety miss in-person treatment days, and attendance is very important to treatment outcomes. With online treatment, those with high anxiety around groups can participate in a private setting.

Current program days and times:

Wisconsin CFS Day Treatment for Teens-Online
Meets Monday-Friday, 1 pm-3 pm

Minnesota CFS Day Treatment for Teens-Online
Meets Monday-Friday, 9 am-11 am

a stressed girl sitting down in a school


We work with schools to schedule treatment:

To limit disruptions and remain in school, many students choose to participate in the CFS Day Treatment for Teens-Online program from their school. Counselors work with school staff to create a safe and secure environment for treatment during the school day. Most schools will also arrange the student’s learning schedule around the program. Some schools may provide social-emotional learning credits (SEL) for those who participate in day treatment. A CFS intake specialist can provide you with more information on that option.

You can read more here. Download a flyer about our online version here.

How to refer a teen to CFS Day Treatment for Teens-Online:

  • Teens can be referred by their parents, school, primary care, county social worker, or outpatient providers.
  • Call 800-438-1772 to speak to our Intake Team. Clinical professionals can also refer online here. Our Intake Team will ask more about the teen and schedule a diagnostic assessment to determine if day treatment or another option, such as a Teen DBT or Social Skills Group, is the best fit.
  • Prior to beginning a teen day treatment program, a parent or legal guardian will need to meet with our staff to review program expectations. A separate meeting will also be scheduled to sign consents for treatment.

Additional information about our online Day Treatment for Teens Program can be found in these videos: