Community Counseling Care Partnerships

Let’s bring Christ-centered solutions to those who need care.

We created the Community Counseling Care Partnership to help congregations reach out in love to meet needs in the community.


Congregations are experiencing higher levels of need for counseling care within the congregation and the community. People are crying out for help with issues such as anxiety, depression, addictions, marital and relationship troubles, trauma, and more.  

The CFS Community Counseling Care Partnership seeks to continually improve mental health and well-being in the congregation and community over time. Together, we can support those who need education, pastoral care, and/or clinical care that is properly integrated with God’s Word. The partnership enables the church to meet the needs of those in the congregation, and provides caring outreach to the community.  


Partnership = a continuum of care for souls

Our program options allow the congregation to access a level of care and professional expertise it might not be able to attain on its own.  

  • The congregation can provide ministry-oriented programs such as support groups, spiritual counseling, and Bible classes.  
  • CFS provides professional counseling services on site on a medical model, meaning clients typically use insurance or self-pay for clinical services.  
  • Other aspects of the agreement can include cooperation between the congregation and CFS, including the CFS Member Assistance Program and educational presentations offered by CFS counselors through the church.  

Since we know that mental health and spiritual health are intertwined, this partnership is both a medical and a spiritual service to the community. Together we can reflect the ministry of Jesus Christ, who healed and helped people in need, both physically and spiritually. 

Partnership leverages all available resources from the congregation, CFS, members’ medical insurance, and available grants/donations to effectively address the mental health and wellness issues in our communities.  

Community Counseling Care Partnerships are available in the states where we are licensed to provide clinical services: Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin.

Congregations outside of these states may consider working with CFS through our Member Assistance Program.

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Getting started:

To learn more about our Community Counseling Care Partnerships, contact Mike Helwig

Or, use this form to indicate your interest in partnering with CFS in mental health ministry. We would love to share more information with you. We will respond with the appropriate information.