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Radically transform how you respond
to setbacks, challenge and transition

There is an enormous amount of challenge in life. These challenges can range from seemingly tiny—like being stuck in traffic—to soul-crushingly overwhelming—like the loss of a child.


How do we balance the thoughts and feelings that inevitably come with these kinds of events?


Resilience is the ability to recover easily from difficulties. It’s a quality that allows a person to spring back into action faster and with more positivity even in the face of some of the most daunting circumstances. With Christ as our cornerstone, we can respond to these challenges with resilience. We can learn to bend, not break, when encountering hurdles, transition, broken relationships, crisis and more.


Join “The Resilience Project”

The Resilience Project by Christian Family Solutions empowers congregations to embrace mental wellness education as a ministry. This program provides congregations with the opportunity to reach people through practical resilience skills while simultaneously opening the door for the Gospel to be shared. 

The best part is that this program was designed to fit your unique congregational and community needs. The delivery and content can be customized based on the audience. The Resilience Project has a variety of adaptations, including all of the following: 

Each model is designed to use a series of 6 one-hour lessons. Through these six lessons, participants gain insight into how to improve overall mental wellness and increase their ability to “bounce back” in times of transition or challenge. 

Contact Karen Fischer, Licensed Professional Counselor, to inquire about bringing The Resilience Project to your congregation, community or school. 

  • Length: Six one-hour sessions or a one-day workshop
  • Intended Audience: Congregation and community members
  • Cost: $1,800 for the six modules, plus mileage expenses 

Contact Karen Fischer


Resources for facilitating The Resilience Project

If you are here because your church or school is scheduled to host The Resilience Project, let us first say how thrilled we are to be working with you! Thank you for taking the time to enrich, equip and nurture your congregation and surrounding community. We are committed to doing everything we can to support you in your adventure with The Resilience Project.

To that end, a promotional toolkit is available to help host-congregations plan and promote The Resilience Project. Once The Resilience Project is officially scheduled, Participant Guides are provided via email for congregations to print as desired. 

Download The Resilience Project Promotional Toolkit

We also offer specialized facilitator training sessions for those congregations who want to continue to offer The Resilience Project as an ongoing, long-term ministry. This training will allow a select number of leaders to be trained by a member of the CFS team to be a certified facilitator of The Resilience Project. Be sure to speak with a member of our team about this option after you’ve completed all six of The Resilience Project modules. 

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