Career Opportunities

Love, serve, and grow here – professionally and spiritually.

Each of us contributes to a mission and ministry larger than any one of us – healing and helping people in need, following the example of Jesus Christ.


CFS is a place where you can grow professionally as you grow in faith. We’d love to learn more about you and your unique talents. Explore openings at CFS or connect with our HR team.

As a growing organization, we empower our employees to find solutions that allow us serve more people with excellence. You will grow in your ability to serve others using the competence and compassion unique to you.

We serve together each day as good stewards of our blessings, willing to accept the challenges of our mission. We draw our strength from Christ who enables us to do all things. At the end of each day, we leave any burdens at the foot of the cross, where we know the victory was won for us and for all those we serve.


Careers in Christian counseling and mental health services

Quality mental health delivered with integrity is the first commitment we make to our clients. Many of our clients choose CFS because they desire to have their care guided by principles and values of the Christian faith. Our providers are skilled in providing the best-available mental health care techniques blended with faith principles. We meet clients where they are in terms of faith. Any application of faith principles is done with the appropriate sensitivity and cultural competence that meets or exceeds the standards of our profession as outlined in the American Psychological Association’s ethical code.

During your interview process, we will evaluate your interest in providing such treatment and your knowledge and experience with essential principles of the Christian faith. We use these discussions not only to determine whether we are a good fit for one another; we also want to establish some basic benchmarks as to your knowledge, comfort level, and willingness to learn should you join our team. This will help us place you in a position where you can be successful.

Careers in administration and support roles

Our counselors have the opportunity to focus 100% on counseling because we are equipped with top-notch support staff who handle credentialing with third party payers, intake process, billing, authorizations, marketing, and other operations. This efficient infrastructure allows us to continue building expertise and deliver services with excellence.

Culturally, you can expect us to:

  • Talk about our values, including our Christ-centeredness, in our meetings and at events
  • Offer continuing education and inservice experiences that help our team wrestle with difficult issues within the context of God’s Word
  • Work with you to grow professionally and spiritually
  • Support and encourage one another as we heal and help those in need

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