Working at CFS has benefits that are out of this world.

When someone is called to a career with a strong sense of purpose, that’s more than a job. It’s a vocation.


Your vocation is how God loves others through you. For those who struggle with mental health challenges, Jesus offers healing through the work of His people – skilled and compassionate clinicians like you. And because CFS clinicians follow Jesus and His model for ministry, each session is an opportunity to heal spiritually, too.

What a blessing to work in a place where every session is an opportunity to heal – for this life and for eternity!

CFS is committed to our distinctly Christian approach to counseling care. To deliver this unique approach, we take training and continuing education seriously. Professional and spiritual growth opportunities are built into our benefits package. That said, our employees regularly tell us that their reasons for working at CFS extend far beyond compensation and benefits. It’s about a calling to serve others in their time of great need.


Purposeful and professional

In Mark Chapter 2, we hear about four friends who wanted to get their paralyzed friend in front of Jesus for healing. The friends of the paralyzed man knew that Jesus was The Solution.

And then Jesus went beyond their expectations: He healed physically and spiritually.

“This amazed everyone and they praised God.” (Mark 2:12)

Professional and spiritual growth at CFS is designed to support you as you pattern your work after Jesus’ work. We create opportunities for each employee to

  • Grow in your clinical skills and knowledge of mental health care practice
  • Grow in your faith, led by the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God
  • Build up and encourage your team members to do the work God has placed before us

As we love and heal more people daily, people will say, “They do amazing work.” This will bring more people to us for healing. And God will be praised as we grow and serve together.

That’s a calling with impact in this world – and the next.

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