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This article about Allison Franck, Licensed Masters Social Worker at Christian Family Solutions, was orginally written for the Spring/Summer edition of our Healing & Helping publication.

"Even if you did die tonight, I want you to know where you will go."


These are the words that Allison was able to speak to her teen client in the dark moments of her young life. The teen was dealing with fears of dying that had escalated into unstable behaviors. Allison was able to get to the root of the issues and help her client talk about death. As she did so, she brought up promises in Scripture – a blessing and a tool to be used in session. 

That wasn’t always the case for Allison. Earlier in her career, she had worked in a secular clinic as a case manager dealing with substance abuse. She then dedicated a decade to homeschooling her adopted children, after which she completed her master’s degree in social work. She has worked in different settings such as inpatient/outpatient substance abuse, community mental health, and a comprehensive DBT program. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Allison thought it might be time for a change. As she was considering a career in Christian counseling, her husband, a pastor, mentioned Christian Family Solutions’ Member Assistance Program (MAP). There was a great need to find more Christian providers. Allison felt the calling was clear. She was hired by CFS in 2020 and has embraced the ability to share the healing power of the gospel while delivering mental health treatment to her clients. 

Allison likes challenging cases and has appreciated the ability to use higher level clinical consultation through the network of providers at CFS. 

“CFS focuses on their providers’ well-being more than anything else, and clinical opinion is respected,” she says. “There is compassion for each other when personal issues come up. It’s very hard to find a place like this to work. I have a special group of co-workers!” 


CFS is committed to our distinctly Christian approach to counseling care. To deliver this unique approach, we take training and continuing education seriously. Professional and spiritual growth opportunities are built into our benefits package. That said, our employees regularly tell us that their reasons for working at CFS extend far beyond compensation and benefits. It’s about a calling to serve others in their time of great need.

If you are interested in a career with CFS, go to our Careers page, or learn more about Mental Health Ministry.

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