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(mis)Understanding Mental Health

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(mis)Understanding Mental Health provides an insightful discussion around the current state of mental health from a Christian viewpoint. In the conversation, you’ll learn about:

• Encouraging someone struggling with depression
• Reducing the stigma attached to mental illness
• Finding a healthy and God-pleasing balance in self-care
• Knowing when and where to seek help
• Accessing resources for further information

This webinar was hosted by WELS Women's Ministry and led by two Christian Family Solutions counselors, Julie Straseske (LPC) and Karen Fischer (LPC, BC-TMH).

Women's Ministry Webinar – (mis)Understanding Mental Health from WELS Congregational Services on Vimeo.

Links to some of the resources mentioned in the webinar:

The Resilience Project by Christian Family Solutions
WELS Womens Ministry Webinar Q&A, addressing questions submitted by webinar participants
A Guide To Mental and Emotional Wellness by Dr. Jennifer Londgren
Look Up From Your Phone So I Can Love You by Amy Vannieuwenhoven
How to Fight Anxiety with Joy by Linda Buxa
A Christian Guide to Mental Illness by Stephen M. Saunders, PhD
Martin Luther on Mental Health by Stephen M. Saunders, PhD

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