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Mark Tiefel


Mark S. Tiefel, LPC-IT, MDiv

Professional Counselor

Treatment Focus:

Mark has experience working with clients to address depression, anxiety, life change issues, and relationship issues. As a pastor, he is also uniquely focused on utilizing counseling techniques within the framework of a biblically-based perspective.


Mark joined Christian Family Solutions in 2023 as a part-time professional counselor. He also serves as pastor at Peace Thru Christ Lutheran Church and School in Middleton, WI. Mark graduated from Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in Eau Claire, WI in 2012. He has experience in both urban and rural ministry situations, and has ministered to people of all ages. In 2021, Mark earned a master's degree in professional counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin. Prior to moving to Wisconsin, he worked part-time as a professional counselor at a Christian counseling office in Bothell, WA.

Mark's approach as a professional counselor utilizes the tools of therapy within a Biblical perspective to provide a holistic approach to the issues facing clients. He believes that many principles and techniques from secular counseling theories can help us better understand God's creative design for our lives. Typically, Mark uses principles and techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Mark also believes that we are healthiest (mentally and spiritually) when we see our lives in light of the gospel of Christ. As both a pastor and a counselor, Mark is uniquely equipped to help individuals understand and navigate the relationship between faith and therapy. He believes that establishing a trusting relationship with clients is critical to positive outcomes in therapy.