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Emily Head


Emily Head, LPC, CMIP

Licensed Professional Counselor

Treatment Focus:

Specializes in work with codependency, family issues, mindfulness, trauma, shame and guilt, and working with parents on child/adolescent difficulties.


Emily is a Licensed Professional Counselor with ten plus years experience, committed to treating individuals, couples, and families. She is passionate about creating a safe and healthy environment where one can come to feel supported, loved and heard. Her work focuses on bringing hope and healing to people who have experienced trauma or severe life stressors that have caused life to unravel. Emily uses a systemic approach in working with clients and the relationships they have in their lives. Using an integrative model of change, she highlights the strengths of different theories to fit the client’s identified needs. She believes there are obstacles in a client’s life that block his or her ability to identify and reach goals.

Using this perspective, Emily can begin to work on changes at a behavioral level leading to a change in action. If the client continues to feel stuck, the treatment continues to address cognitions, underlying emotions and patterns, to further identify where progress is stunted. With a client’s aspirations in mind, she holds individuals accountable for the change they desire and walks with them on their path to attaining their goals.

Emily received her Master’s in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University with emphasis on community counseling and school counseling. Before attaining her Master’s, she worked as a teacher for several years with an undergraduate degree in child development. Emily has done extensive studies in trauma, brain development, family issues and parenting. She is also a certified mindfulness informed professional.

Emily has been married for twenty- eight years, raised two beautiful children and lived abroad for several years. In her free time, she loves cooking for friends and family and traveling the world.


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