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Statement of Belief #2


Statement of Belief #2:

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible, and completely authoritative Word of God.

Communication is one of the most important tools in a healthy relationship. Lack of good communication skills can be very destructive. For example, couples who struggle with poor communication often make assumptions about one another or come to conclusions that aren’t necessarily true.

Good communication takes work. It is very hard to just listen to what someone is saying without making interpretations, coming to certain conclusions, or concocting a ready-made response.

The same is true of the Bible. It is very easy to read God’s word and be tempted to interpret it to suit our own needs – to twist it to say what we think we want it to say. I am not sure if this is always done on purpose. Sometimes, it is. Other times, it isn’t. Whatever the case, we can all be guilty of approaching the Bible with our own preconceived ideas rather than being open to what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us.

Our task is to read Scripture as God’s authoritative voice which he uses to communicate with us. That means we need to be ready to listen to all that God has to say. And so, context is important. We need to listen to both the immediate and wider context of the Bible.

After all, the Bible says what it means. That is important in any form of communication. For example, sign language interpreters facilitate communication between deaf and hearing communities. Imagine if an interpreter did not accurately present the spoken word in sign language? What would happen if their interpretation of a speaker’s words did not really convey what was intended? There would be confusion, at very least. And it could be dangerous at worst. Accuracy is vital. God’s word is infallible. It is accurate. It doesn’t fail to communicate the truth about humanity and the need for salvation.

Scripture proves itself to be the time-tested truths of God which reinforce our faith and guide us in life. That is also what we mean when we say that the Bible is inerrant; it never leads us astray. Just think of how the Holy Spirit makes Scripture come alive as he provides teachings and principles that apply to the daily circumstances in lives of our clients and residents. The Lord provides instruction and practical guidance in his perfect Word.

The Bible is the singular, unchanging, and non-negotiable plumb-line for truth. The Bible does not deal in terms of relativism. The Bible says what it means. That’s because it is God-breathed. These words are God’s words meant for us to hear and learn and apply to daily life. The authors of Scripture were moved by the Holy Spirit. The Bible was written by men who were carried along by the Holy Spirit. It’s kind of like tubing a river. The current just takes you along. You float along at the direction of the river.

The Bible is God’s word, not the opinions of individual people. It means what God intended it to mean. The Scriptures were not devised by the whimsical impulses of people. The Biblical authors did not just float along as they were carried their own creative imagination. God chose the messengers as well as the message.

What a blessing for us as Christian counselors and care-givers. We live in a society which communicates the message that there is no truth. We have the authoritative, inerrant, God-breathed word of the LORD, however. God clearly communicates his truth on all aspects of life. And now, we have privilege to communicate those same Christ-centered truths and principles as we offer counsel and care to our clients and residents.

Since all the Scriptures testify to Christ Jesus, the Bible speaks to the heart of what ails all of humanity, our need for the healing and hope of a Savior. God has communicated that hope to us. And it is ours to communicate with the individuals and families who come to us for counsel and guidance.

From the first verse of Genesis to the final word in Revelation, the integrity of Scripture proves to be unsurpassed by human reasoning. The Bible. God-breathed. Verbally-inspired. Inerrant. Infallible. Authoritative. God’s truth stands in stark contrast to humanity’s flawed imaginations. We have the Bible. The Lord’s communique to the world. And his word is now ours to proclaim! To the glory of Christ alone!

Pastor Edward Frey

Questions to consider:

1. What makes the Bible so unique when compared to all other literary works?

2. If the Bible only means what God intends for it to mean, why do people disagree on many important doctrinal issues? What should we do if we find that our beliefs don’t agree with what the Bible says?

3. What might be the danger of the statement, “What the Bible is saying to me is…” What value is there in the statement, “What the Bible is saying to me is …”


Holy Spirit, we praise you for revealing truth of salvation to us. You have opened our eyes to peer into the secrets of eternal salvation. Jesus, you are the center of all Scripture and the fulfillment of all promises. Heavenly Father, we glorify you for your great mercy that you have showered upon us that we should be called your children. And that is what we are! Your word declares it to be so. Amen.

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