Core Value #4 - Christian Family Solutions

Core Value #4


Dr. Brandon Hayes’ devotion explores our fourth core value. Each of our 5 core values provide the foundation of how we conduct ourselves and our work at Christian Family Solutions in response to God’s overwhelming love for us.


We are GOOD STEWARDS of our donors’ gifts.

We honor God by making responsible business decisions and providing compassionate services. 

Perhaps you have heard of Dawn. She married her fiancé on August 3, 2019, and everyone agreed she was a beautiful bride. In fact, everything about her wedding day was beautiful. The weather. The church. Her dress. The day following the wedding, some of her friends decided to throw a party in their backyard for Dawn and her new husband. However, given that she had looked so glorious the day prior, she struggled to decide on what she should wear. Eventually, she decided to go with the outfit she had worn the previous day, her wedding dress. She enjoyed the experience of wearing her wedding dress so much that day she decided to wear it the next day again. In fact, Dawn made the decision to wear her wedding dress every day for the entire next year. That is, she wore her dress every day until August 2, 2020. During that time, she wore her dress shopping, did some wood working projects in it, and even went paddle boarding. The reason for her decision was pretty simple. She invested something in her dress and she wants her investment to be worth it.

Now, maybe you, like Dawn, have worn the same outfit every day for an entire year. If you did, I hoped you washed it from time to time. However, I suspect the majority of you have not. The bottom line is, just like Dawn, we all invest our time, emotion, energy, and money into a lot of different things, always with the hope our investment will be worth it in the end. That is, most of us try to be good stewards of the God-given gifts we have been given. Not only do we as individuals try to be good stewards, our organization works fervently to manage the blessings God provides us. The people. The time. The financial blessings. The opportunities to serve.

I pray all of us can commit to being a bit more like the “Dawns” of the world. That is, seek opportunities to be good stewards of the time, talent, and opportunities God provides you. Imagine the profound impact we experience as a “whole” when each of us works diligently to use our blessings to glorify God.


Heavenly Father, remind us of the encouragement found in the Doxology, “Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow.” Remind us you are the source of all our blessings and you provide us the opportunities to serve you with them each day. Allow us to see all that we have as blessings from you and the opportunities for us to responsibly and compassionately share them with others.


What opportunities do you see in your daily ministry to be an effective steward of the gifts God has bestowed upon you?

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