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Core Value #3

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Dr. Brandon Hayes’ devotion explores our third core value. Each of our 5 core values provide the foundation of how we conduct ourselves and our work at Christian Family Solutions in response to God’s overwhelming love for us.


We SUPPORT OUR EMPLOYEES in their choice to grow in faith and serve others.

We train, equip, and support them in a Christ-centered and professional environment.

Recently, I was reading about Timothy’s ministry in the city of Ephesus. Suffice it to say, Ephesus shared a lot of similarities with present-day Las Vegas. Perhaps you could have said, “What happens in Ephesus, stays in Ephesus.” Clearly, Timothy had his ministry work cut out for him and it had not gone as he had hoped. Timothy was discouraged, down, and perhaps even depressed. At that point, a messenger came to Timothy with a letter from Paul who encouraged him to be strong, persevere, and endure. What comforting and heartening words those must have been when Timothy was feeling so weary and alone.

I wonder if there are times we all feel like Timothy. When we look around our world, do we get discouraged? Are there times in our work when we get weary and question if anybody is listening? What about spiritually? How many of us would acknowledge, at times, we feel weak and alone?

What a blessed opportunity we have serving in a Christian organization to be able to have honest conversations about faith, work, and life. Just like Paul reminded Timothy he was in a battle, we, in our modern-day life, face daily fights with the evil one. Think about it, from the moment we came to faith, we made a ferocious enemy who is constantly scheming and trying to undermine our faith. I guess it should come as no surprise, therefore, we may feel weary and discouraged…probably in every area of our life from time to time. Just as Paul encouraged Timothy to “Remember Jesus,” I find those words continue to be the perfect encouragement for modern-day believers. We have the opportunity, especially at work, to remind one another and those we serve to recall the grace and forgiveness showered upon us. Knowing that our strength and purpose is not in who we are but whose we are.


Heavenly Father, continue to remind us “whose” and what that means for us in every aspect of our life. Allow us to use your Word to comfort us and one another when we may feel weary and discouraged. Let us encourage one another, as Paul did for Timothy, to keep our eyes on the cross and always Remember Jesus!


1) How you encourage your colleagues to Remember Jesus this week?

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