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Tamika regains her family after multiple losses

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Tamika regains her family after multiple losses

Tamika is a Milwaukee mother of four who lost her husband to cancer at a young age. Then her family experienced crime, homelessness, and the challenges of the pandemic.

“We lost our home due to a violent crime and had to leave everything we owned behind,” Tamika says.

Tamika’s extended family was supportive, and she has a strong faith in God. Yet her children were struggling. The disruption of routines, virtual school, and more financial insecurity were taking toll. She began noticing their symptoms of night terrors, emotional outbursts, and anger, affecting their ability to function.

Tamika was determined to continue caring for her children and hold her family together. “Because of the trauma and disruptions, I knew I needed extra support and help for my family.”

Tamika did an internet search for “Christian Counseling” and found Christian Family Solutions. She learned that CFS offers a program for children who are dealing with the impact of trauma – the STRONG Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program, located right in the city of Milwaukee. She reached out for help.

Tamika prayed that trauma-focused therapy at STRONG would help her children begin to understand their experiences, behaviors, and pain and help them learn how to express emotions in healthy ways. As Tamika prayed this for her family, her children were healing and God was opening doors to expand the STRONG program in Milwaukee.

The need for STRONG

Children with a traumatic past often communicate their need to deal with these experiences through anger, aggression, withdrawal, and other disruptive behaviors that lead to compounded difficulties at home and school. Children who receive treatment are much less likely to face suspension or expulsion from school, and they learn to form positive relationships.

STRONG is Milwaukee’s only in-person day treatment program for children ages 4 to 14 who face significant behavioral and mental health issues. Few mental health providers offer day treatment for children because the work is difficult and costs more than reimbursements available. Christian Family Solutions remains committed to serving these children.

This is love in action. 

Tamika is grateful that the staff of the STRONG program incorporate the love of Christ in their work.

“The improvements my children have made are very exceptional and amazing,” she says. “STRONG has been a huge support in my family’s life and it is a blessing to families in our community.”

How do our donors help? Our donors help bridge the gap between the costs of providing day treatment and the insurance reimbursement rates. We are able to continue offering STRONG – and expand to meet the growing needs – because of our generous donors.

We are grateful to our donors who help us help children and change the trajectory of young lives.

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