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Partnering with churches, ministering to the hurting


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Partnering with churches, ministering to the hurting

A pastor is often the first person people go to when they are struggling. Who helps the pastor when needs escalate beyond what a pastor can do?

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25 percent increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression across the globe (World Health Organization, March 2022). The mental health sector and churches are overwhelmed with calls from hurting people.

That’s true for Pastor Clayton Welch, whose church is situated in an area where few faith-based mental health services are available.

Pastor Welch’s church partners with Christian Family Solutions through the Member Assistance Program (MAP). The congregation he serves is one of nearly 800 churches from across the globe that have benefitted from the MAP partnership over the years.

If Pastor Welch becomes aware of a member who needs counseling, and the needs of that individual rise above what he can do as a pastor, he can refer to Christian Family Solutions. MAP member congregations purchase counseling sessions at a discounted rate, thanks to generous donors who make up the difference. Then, when an individual or couple needs counseling assistance, the pastor can offer those sessions to the people in need at no cost. Care can begin without any financial barriers.

Once a person is referred into the MAP program, a CFS MAP counselor will work to resolve the issue. After those initial sessions, if additional counseling or a higher level of care is needed, the CFS MAP counselor will work with the individual to secure further care.

This partnership assists the pastor in ministry, removes financial barriers, and it works well for those who do not live near a CFS clinic for in-person care. Most MAP sessions take place via secure video.

“Without the services provided by Christian Family Solutions, our congregation members in need of trusted, bible-centered mental health care would not be served,” Pastor Welch says. “Thank God for this partnership.”

How do donors help?

Our donors enable CFS to offer counseling sessions to pastors at half the rate of actual cost, making the sessions affordable for congregations. This cost-sharing between CFS, congregations, and our generous donors helps create access to care.

We are grateful to our partner congregations and our donors who help make care accessible to more people.

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