Paying For Services

Understanding costs and payment options

Christian Family Solutions is a participating provider in many insurance networks.

For those who want to utilize their insurance coverage, a short list of insurance carriers that we accept is provided below. We will submit charges for your visit to your insurance company, which will be subject to your individual plan’s provisions, including any deductibles. Please note that coverage for telehealth varies, so check with your insurance company.


Paying Privately

You may also choose to pay for services “out of pocket” if you do not have insurance or choose not to utilize it for various reasons. For those who pay privately, Christian Family Solutions offers a prompt pay discount for accounts paid at the time of service.


“Prompt Pay” Option

  • “Prompt Pay” is a way to reduce the costs of services when you pay at time of service.
  • Our prompt pay rate as of May 1, 2023 will be a 50% discount on our usual and customary charges for both telehealth and in person services and will be based on the service performed.
  • You may request our fee schedule when you make your appointment.
  • Payment is appreciated at the time of service, and must be completed within 10 days to receive the prompt pay discounted rate. Payments can be made here.
  • Credit, debit, HSA, HRA, FSA cards accepted.


Making a Payment

Payments can be made here.


Sliding Fee Discount

sliding fee discount is available for those who meet certain income and family size levels.

Please click here to apply for financial assistance according to our sliding fee scale: Financial Assistance Application

Your counselor will talk with you during your first session regarding fees, payment, and insurance.


Insurance Network List

Christian Family Solutions is a participating provider in over 100 different insurance networks.

If you do not see your insurance provider listed, please contact us at 800-438-1772 (option 4) to verify your health insurance benefits and to learn about other accommodations.