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This article about Feasha Terry, Program Therapist at Christian Family Solutions, was orginally written for the Spring/Summer edition of our Healing & Helping publication.

"This is what family is all about."


Feasha is a program therapist at our STRONG Child & Adolescent Day Treatment in Milwaukee. She has a robust history of working with children and families. Due to her desire to be a servant of God, she is serving  those who are in great need.  

Growing up as a minister’s granddaughter, Feasha had an ingrained sense of helping families and felt fueled by care and compassion. Although she had first wanted to be a corporate attorney, she ended up on a different path. STRONG has been a natural fit for Feasha.

Feasha thinks of STRONG like the ICU of a hospital where patients are in great need of specialized treatment and constant attention. STRONG focuses on working with our children and their families in order to have strong connections for the best therapeutic outcomes.

“This is what keeps me going – to be involved with not just the kiddos in our program, but the entire family.”  

The number of referrals into STRONG is increasing. From what STRONG is observing there are not many providers within Milwaukee and surrounding areas who are able to provide what is needed for children with such serious challenges. STRONG is determined to stay in Milwaukee to serve and meet those needs.

For Feasha, the story of The Good Samaritan from the Gospel of Luke comes to mind: Some people and organizations choose to walk by on the other side of the road, too fearful  of the risks and commitments associated with difficult cases like the ones at STRONG. CFS chooses to help, because that is what family does.

“STRONG is here to help these children, showing love with action and effort, as so desperately needed.“


STRONG is Milwaukee’s only day treatment program for children and adolescents (ages 4-15) with significant behavioral and mental health issues. We provide year-round intensive services in a safe and structured setting to help kids overcome emotional and behavioral challenges.

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