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This article about Lisa McInnes, Clinical Therapist at Christian Family Solutions, was orginally written for the Spring/Summer edition of our Healing & Helping publication.

Maybe this is for you...


For Lisa, when the call came from CFS’s human resources, it was her tap-on-the-shoulder moment. 

After years as an occupational therapist and an assistant professor at Concordia University, Lisa went on to pursue a master’s degree in clinical mental health.  

Lisa stumbled across a posting which got her an internship at the STRONG Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program, which is offered by CFS in Milwaukee. 

Upon the completion of her internship, there were job options on the table for Lisa from a variety of providers. One of those options was CFS. A CFS human resources team member called her: “There’s a place called St. Lucas in Milwaukee that is looking for a school-based-counselor. I am not sure if you’ve heard of it, but maybe it’s a nearby location for you.”  

Lisa could only smile as she drew back the curtains of her front window to catch a glimpse of St. Lucas right down the road. When she had started her journey to become a Christian mental health therapist, she wouldn’t have imagined it would lead her to her very own community church. 

Now Lisa works just steps from her house, providing counseling care to young children who are picking up the pieces in the wake of the COVID pandemic. “These little kids I see have had to deal with uncertainty and isolation during critical stages of development. Some are behind in skill development and social skills, and some just have a lot of anxiety to work through.” 

Lisa can also continue to use her background in occupational therapy working one day a week at the CFS adult intensive outpatient program in Brookfield. “There are many opportunities at CFS to use your skills and talents within multiple levels of care. The Lord’s hand is evident in my journey.” 


Christian Family Solutions offers innovative ways to deliver mental health services in a school setting through our School-based Counseling Partnership Program. Through this program, staff, students and families have the necessary support and guidance to access professional mental health services in the convenience of the school setting, reducing stigma and increasing the opportunity for early and effective intervention.

We typically offer students the first few sessions with a school-based counselor at no cost. This helps break the ice, build trust, and create buy-in for a healing plan. If additional sessions are needed, parents can consent to continued treatment using insurance benefits. Those initial sessions are critical, and they are made possible by our generous donors. 

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