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This article about Kristi Windsperger, Clinical Supervising Therapist at Christian Family Solutions, was orginally written for the Spring/Summer edition of our Healing & Helping publication.

"It was then that I carried you…"


A subtle message on a wall plaque in Kristi’s office refers to Footprints in the Sand: A single set of footprints illustrates that in our darkest moments, God doesn’t desert us. He carries us. 

Before coming to CFS, Kristi worked in a secular clinic where she was not allowed to integrate faith into her therapy sessions.  She was required to share her personal pronouns with clients, but never personal aspects of herself like her faith, even if that faith was shared by the client.  

So she never spoke about the plaque on the wall or about its meaning. It was a silent message to the clients who sat in her room. It was also a reminder for Kristi herself that God carries us through challenges. At one time in Kristi’s life, when she was at a critical crossroads, God provided a solution that led her back to her Wisconsin family roots. 

“Trust in the power of God,” she says. “When life can seem so bleak and dark, God will certainly take you by the hand to lead you.” 

She recalls the day when a friend she met for coffee casually mentioned, “Have you ever thought of working for Christian Family Solutions?” Kristi looked into it further. Shortly thereafter, she secured a job with CFS. She works with outpatient clients and also counsels clients referred by pastors through the Member Assistance Program.

Just as the gospel was the foundation that changed her own life, Kristi knows that the gospel has healing power for her clients. It proved to be a critical piece in her counseling sessions. How could she counsel hurting souls without sharing the importance of a relationship with Christ? 

Kristi’s advice to those considering a career in counseling: “I thought getting a master’s degree in mental health counseling sounded daunting at first. But it’s very doable and very rewarding. If you like psychology and love Jesus – it’s an easy thing to do!” 


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