Dr. Benjamin Kohls launches “The Well Mind” podcast | News

Dr. Benjamin Kohls launches “The Well Mind” podcast featuring experts and advocates for mental health


Digital tools have become essential for delivering and gathering information. A recent study by Edison Research found that 75 percent of Americans are familiar with “podcasting” and 5 in 10 Americans have listened to one.


Dr. Benjamin Kohls, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Christian Family Solutions, has launched a new podcast called “The Well Mind.” The episodes are produced in studio at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN, where Dr. Kohls also teaches courses in counseling and psychology.


“The Well Mind” addresses a full range of topics related to mental health and wellness. Dr. Kohls interviews experts in the mental health and wellness field and guides conversations to focus on useful information for listeners. Recent episodes include topics such as self-care, managing anxiety and depression, performance-related mental health for athletes and employees, and the uniqueness of Christian counseling among mental health treatment options.


Dr. Kohls and his guests provide information that anyone can apply to improve their own mental health and wellness. Access episodes of “The Well Mind” podcast by visiting any of these popular sites:






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