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Signs That Mom or Dad May Need Home Care—What to Look for During Your Holiday Visit

Sometimes “Home for the Holidays” may be more than what you were expecting and oftentimes overwhelming. It is not unusual to return home for the holidays and find that your aging loved one has changed and just no longer seems safe and healthy at home. If you have some concerns during your next holiday visit, or at any time of year, there are a number of indicators that your aging parent, loved one, or friend may need some assistance to live safely and stay healthy in their own home. Here are some warning signs to look for when you come home to visit:


• Unopened mail and unpaid bills
• Extreme clutter, trash not taken out
• Urine smell in house
• Spoiled or not enough food in refrigerator
• Car with new dents or scratches—difficulty driving


• Soiled or wrinkled clothes
• Uncombed hair
• Body odor
• Weight loss
• Bruises on arms or legs


• Missing appointments
• Forgetfulness
• Mood swings—angry or introverted
• Not taking or taking too much medication
• Repeated questions or difficulty conversing
• Phone calls in the middle of the night
• Seeing or talking to deceased friends or family
• Not socializing with friends


• Difficulty with mobility
• Struggle to get up from chair
• Loss of interest in activities
• Change in eating habits—appetite loss

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