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Ever wonder what happens to all of the time we should spend with our families? We are so busy trying to get here or there to a multitude of commitments and activities that spending time with our family members isn’t a top priority. To millions of families in the United States, there are a multitude of other competing activities that steal time away from families. So how do you make time?

The answer is deceptively simple—yet putting it into action may take a little more work. In one word, it’s commitment. In order to make family time a priority, you have to make a commitment that spending time together is important to you, even if your family may not know it needs to be important to them. So, here are a few tips to get you started on re-connecting with family:

  • Family meals either at home or out—even a quick meal together reconnects members of the family
  • Daily devotions and weekly worship, which strengthen your faith, are essential aspects of building a strong family
  • Online computing and social media time—families can actually play games together online, connect with extended family, explore daily devotional readings
  • Extracurricular activities where the entire family can support your child’s activities by going to their games, performances, etc.
  • A regularly scheduled "Family Night"—even spending time doing individual activities in the same room is connection time

So make a commitment to yourself and your family to be more proactive in doing things with all the members of your family. It is time well invested, not just in the short term, but as each of the members of the family goes through life’s trials and tribulations. Family, like faith, will be the primary source of support they seek out, instead of posting something on some social media site. Families are a wonderful blessing from God!


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