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“All gave some; some gave all.” This phrase has been used to describe the sacrifice given by the men and women of the armed forces. On the surface, it seems to reference the physical dangers and consequences of war. However, far more veterans are impacted by the emotional consequences of combat. Much like the physical injuries, these emotional ailments cause disruptions throughout these individuals’ lives and impact those around them. One of the most common and devastating emotional conditions experienced by many veterans is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD affects people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Veterans, because of the nature of their service, are much more likely to encounter such an event than others in the population. Although stressed-based reactions such as anxiety, sadness, guilt, or an increased level of substance use are quite common following a traumatic event, PTSD reactions last longer and tend to be more disruptive to individuals’ lives. Specifically, PTSD has four types of symptoms, which include 1) re-experiencing the traumatic event, 2) avoiding situations similar to the traumatic event, 3) feeling numb, and 4) feeling "keyed up.” The good news is that effective help is available.

Effective treatments for PTSD often involve counseling and medications. These treatments help reduce individuals’ levels of distress and help them to resume activities they previously enjoyed. Christian Family Counseling staff members have specialized training in helping individuals struggling with PTSD and incorporate the strength and comfort of Jesus Christ into the counseling process. In addition to Christian Family Counseling, many Veterans Affairs Medical Centers employ specialists who diagnose and treat PTSD.

If you know a veteran or someone who is struggling with PTSD, the professionals at Christian Family Counseling can help. Appointments can be made at one of our multiple office locations by calling 800-438-1772. Please visit our Counseling page for more information about our counselors and our clinics.

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