Grateful Clients, Friends & Families

Your story might encourage someone else.

We are privileged to serve many individuals and families, as well as schools, churches, and organizations.

The stories of healing we hear are so encouraging to our staff and to the donors who support our work. In addition, many of these stories are instrumental in encouraging others to reach out for help. 

If you or someone you know has been blessed by our services, please let us know using our Share Your Story Form. Providing your name and contact information is optional. See the examples below. 

Thank you. 


Words from Grateful Clients, Friends & Family:

“Counseling has been such a benefit for my daughter. She is laughing more, engaging in conversations, sharing her feelings with me, and even hugging me more. I have learned to change my approach when she has hard days to give her space, as time to herself helps decrease her anxiety.” – Grateful Parent 

“I appreciate what you are doing for the students. As a pediatrician in the area, I believe the more we can teach students how to be resilient the better.” – Grateful Friend 

“God sees me as worthwhile even if I did not. I now know I don’t have to do this alone. You can seek help, and keep seeking until you find help that works for you.” – a Grateful Client 

“When I first started talking to (my counselor) I was very overwhelmed with the current situation in our world. I was unable to focus on the here and now and was in a constant state of worry. (My counselor) helped me compartmentalize my thoughts and focus on today instead of the what if’s of tomorrow. I’ve been able to enjoy the present and stop worrying about the future and I thank him for helping me put that in perspective. This opportunity helped me become me again!” – Grateful Client 

“The counseling services that we have received through CFS have been invaluable for both our students and our staff. The social-emotional support that our students and their families have received propels academic results and truly changes lives.” – Grateful School Administrator 

“We want to thank the anonymous donor or donors who have generously provided funds to make Christian counseling services available as a service to West Lutheran students. The counseling subsidy is a wonderful expression of Jesus’ love for others and has had a positive impact on our son’s life. Please thank the donor(s) for us and tell them how their gift has helped a young man, in a dark place, be restored to the light of Jesus and the truth has set him free. His renewed faith is stronger than ever and he is fervently following God.”  – Grateful Parents