How to become a MAP organization

It’s easy to get started with MAP.
If your organization is interested in participating in MAP, the first step is to contact the MAP Coordinator, Sarah Reik, by calling 800-438-1772. She will discuss the program implementation process and get your organization set up as quickly as possible. She will also review the following setup tasks:

You will be provided an agreement for services. This agreement will need to be signed by an authority in your organization and returned to the MAP Coordinator.

Equipment set-up
If the organization will be offering video-based services on-site, the MAP Coordinator will assist you by making recommendations for equipment and demonstrating the video connection process.

The last step is training. The MAP Coordinator will train the main referral agents and others in the process of making a referral and initiating a video connection. Once an agreement has been signed and returned, the setup process can move quickly. In most cases the process can be completed in as little as several hours.

For the MAP Support Center, please call 800-438-1772 or e-mail the program coordinator at