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Day Treatment Programs


Christian Family Solutions provides child & adolescent day treatment programs and programs specifically for teens at select clinic locations and online through telehealth. These services provide a higher level of counseling care for children and teens who have significant behavior and mental health issues and for whom a lower level of care is not effective.


Students attend treatment three/four hours per day, four or five days a week, and treatment length varies based on the program and location. Our program staff will help children and teens work on things such as impulse control, emotional regulation, communicating their feelings, and healthy ways to cope.


Christian Family Solutions provides child & adolescent day treatment programs in Milwaukee, WI; Brookfield, WI; Lakeville, MN; Mankato, MN, and through telehealth groups.

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Our Day Treatment Programs

STRONG Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program
STRONG is a day treatment program that provides intensive mental health services to children and adolescents (ages 5-14) in a safe and structured setting.

ARMOR Day Treatment Program for Teens

The ARMOR Day Treatment Program provides treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mental health diagnoses for clients aged 13-18.

Strong Child & Adolescent Day Treatment Program

The STRONG Day Treatment Program is Milwaukee’s only in-person day treatment for children with significant behavior and mental health issues. Our experienced program staff help children work on skills such as impulse control, emotional regulation, communicating their feelings, and healthy ways to cope.


STRONG stands for Successfully Treating and Reaching Our Next Generation. These are the results families and our communities will see as a result of a child’s participation in STRONG.


It is no secret that some children struggle with mental health or behavioral problems and need help learning how to make positive changes. The STRONG program recognizes the unique value of each child and acknowledges that each child deserves a chance at a successful future.


The experienced staff at STRONG partners with schools and families to provide children with the best treatment available, allowing each child to reach his or her full potential. We achieve this by using empirically-validated treatment methods combined with the love and values of Christ. Including God’s love and grace in treatment allows us to reach children on all levels as we help them grow STRONGer—emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually – for longer lasting impact. All spiritual integration is done in keeping with the wishes and consent of the child’s parents or guardians.


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ARMOR Day Treatment Program for Teens

The ARMOR Day Treatment for Teens is designed for teens who need clinically proven and effective treatment to more successfully manage their depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral health, or other serious mental health conditions.


ARMOR stands for Assertive Relationships, Mindful Openness, and Regulation. These are the results teens can experience when they enroll in the ARMOR program.


This community-based child day treatment program is a step up in care for a teen who has regressed or plateaued in the traditional outpatient counseling setting – an important step up before symptoms escalate and inpatient, hospital-based treatment is required. It is also appropriate for teens stepping down from inpatient programs.


For clients who so choose, Christian Family Solutions has the ability to integrate Christian faith principles with treatment. Research has shown that quality mental health treatment integrated with an individual’s faith yields excellent, longer-lasting outcomes.


Katelyn Bolte, MA, LPC and Child and Adolescent Services Program Manager for the ARMOR program recently shared a personal message during a short zoom interview with Christian music radio station 98.5 KTIS about the unique CFS approach to counseling teens.



Christian Family Solutions offers multiple day treatment services for teens. Learn more about the ARMOR Day Treatment Program for Teens in each of our locations: 

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