CFS Home Care Services

How to determine if there’s a need

It may be difficult for some individuals to admit the need for help. Here are some ways to explore the situation and make informed decisions.


If your loved one wishes to remain independent at home, a plan should be in place to maintain a healthy ad safe home environment. Sometimes, extra support is needed. Be observant of the following:

Eating habits:

  • Has the person changed eating habits?
  • Has the person lost weight?
  • Is there food in the home?
  • Does the person have the ability to go to the grocery store, or are groceries being delivered?


  • Is the person taking care of his/her personal hygiene and dress?
  • Are his/her clothes clean?
  • Does he/she appear to be taking care of himself/herself?

Care of Home:

  • Is the home being maintained in good order?
  • Is the heat and air conditioning in working order?
  • Are the bathrooms clean?
  • Is the yard overgrown?
  • Is there clutter blocking walkways through the house?


  • Is the person safe in his/her home?
  • Has he/she fallen recently?
  • Is he/she able to read directions on medication containers?
  • Is there adequate lighting for nighttime trips to the bathroom?
  • Has he/she had physical problems such as burns or injury marks resulting from general weakness, forgetfulness, or possible misuse of prescribed medications?

Mental Attitude:

  • Is he/she connecting with friends?
  • Has he/she maintained interest in hobbies and other daily activities?
  • Has he/she changed relationship patterns such that friends and neighbors have expressed concern that care is needed?

Being aware and watching for signs that could indicate the need for extra assistance often falls on family and friends. If you suspect that someone you love could use non-medical assistance to remain safe, healthy, and independent, contact us at 262.345.5568. We will be happy to do a free and private consultation.

A young girl delivering groceries to a senior citizen