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Teens 4 Teens

Teens 4 Teens

Christian values face attacks on many fronts, and Satan’s assaults hit our teenagers with great force. It is our mission to provide our teens with the counseling resources they need to lead healthy lives and to keep them close to their Savior.


In 2008, we began tackling the challenge of assisting teens by collaborating with a few generous partners and several Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) high schools to provide Christian counseling to their students. The results have been extraordinary. In fact, the gifts we received to cover those counseling sessions were used up rapidly because the need is so great.


With your support, we can reach even more teens, while ensuring the funding will never run out. Our vision is lofty—to offer Christian counseling to students at each of the 23 WELS high schools throughout the country—yet it can certainly be accomplished. How? Through an endowment campaign called Teens 4 Teens.


The name Teens 4 Teens comes from our ministry’s commitment to dedicate the “teen” years of this decade, 2013 through 2019, to raise an endowment fund for counseling teenagers at our WELS high schools. Our goal is an endowment that would provide earnings to annually supply counseling and help to hundreds of teens and their families in a completely sustainable manner.

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