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The Need

The Need

Many teens don’t have access to Christian counseling services or their families can’t afford the care they need. Sadly, untreated mental health issues in teens can have devastating effects that impact entire families and reach across generations.


Today, it’s clearer than ever that teenagers need and want our help. Our Lutheran high schools do a tremendous job of stewarding their resources to serve their students. Unfortunately, their funds are not limitless, which is why we must remove any financial obstacles so our teens have access to Christian counseling.


What is our solution to removing those obstacles? Find partners to invest in an endowment fund that will ensure we can provide Christian counseling to all students of our WELS high schools, regardless of their ability to pay.


Our goal is to create a fully funded endowment by 2019 from which we can expect to withdraw up to 4.5% per year to support this counseling for our at-risk teens. This fund will continuously provide the resources needed to help teens and their families, ultimately resulting in strength and growth within God’s church on earth.


Our heavenly Father has blessed each of us with everything we possess; it’s not ours, it’s his. Here is an opportunity to use his resources to support teens battling on the front lines of Satan’s war against Christians and the family.


These teens are the future of God’s church. Please help us to help them. Invest in this endowment so together we can heal and help these teens in need.

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