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10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours

In the past year, requests for counseling and mental health assistance have increased dramatically.  We are experiencing higher demand for our current systems at schools and in our clinics. And we are receiving inquiries from more schools that want to establish support systems for youth.


All evidence indicates that this increase in demand is more than a momentary need.


As Christians, we see a bigger battle in the works:  Satan’s war for souls. He is dividing us, isolating us, causing fear, doubt, and hopelessness.  Christian Family Solutions brings a unique set of weapons to the front:  credible, evidence-based mental health care combined with the power of God’s enduring Word.


No secular counseling agency offers the quality treatment together with the healing and hope of the Gospel as we do. No other agency is equipped and motivated to mobilize so many resources for this battle.


10,000 Hours is a multi-year initiative for strengthening our youth and their families emotionally and spiritually, anticipating the added and lingering negative impact from the pandemic and other unrest in the world.


Would you be willing to invest in the future of our youth through this initiative?


In the next three years, we want to fund 10,000 hours of counseling for youth and teens and programming to support their families. That’s a financial goal of 1.4 million dollars.


Together we will fund:

  • Screenings to identify needs that might otherwise go undetected
  • Introductory counseling sessions at no cost, to establish rapport between youth and counselor
  • Coordination with parents and insurance agencies to continue treatment