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Noah Marquardt

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Noah Marquardt

Graduate Level Intern



Treatment Focus:

Supports clients in identifying their unmet needs, understanding their impact, and cultivating honest and genuine relationships with themselves, others, and with God.


Noah joined Christian Family Solutions as a counseling intern in May 2024. He graduated from Martin Luther College in 2022 with a BA in Pre-Seminary Studies, which provided him with a strong Christian foundation for his career. He is currently a full-time student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Bethany Lutheran College. While he does not have previous experience working in a mental health clinic, his education included classes on counseling skills and theories, as well as an on-campus residency with live instructor-supervised brief counseling sessions. These experiences, among others, have prepared him to take the next step and provide mental health care to clients.

Noah's focus in counseling is on helping clients achieve genuine wellness—not just an absence of illness but the presence of positive health in body, mind, and soul. He takes interest in all clients, especially those who struggle with self-acceptance, self-defeating behaviors, and their relationship with God, as well as couples who encounter problems in their relationships and marriages. He believes that an honest and genuine approach to life leads to a greater awareness of one's unmet needs and a greater ability to meet them in healthy and sustainable ways. Noah maintains that clients gain freedom and strength from understanding how the past affects their present and how their minds perceive their environments. He also believes that individuals are healthiest within a supportive community that respects and cares for each other, and he likewise respects and cares for every client.


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