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Melissa Sullivan

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Melissa Sullivan

School-Based Wellness Specialist


Specializes in schools with children, adolescents and emerging adults dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, attention deficit, and behavioral challenges


Melissa recently joined Christian Family Solutions in the fall of 2022. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College. Prior to joining Christian Family Solutions, Melissa worked as a Recreational Therapist and Activity Coordinator where she was inspired by patients dealing with paralysis, brain injuries, and loss of independence and memory. Her role as a mother led her to advocate for individuals with different medical and neurological conditions. She became passionate about working with Urban Milwaukee Ministries where she served as a Program Director for Lighthouse Youth Center and worked as an Alumni Ministry Support Team Member at St. Marcus Lutheran School. She continues to be passionate about serving individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Melissa’s various roles and careers have impacted her approach to serve. She seeks to see people’s individual differences as strengths and welcomes opportunities of diversity. By understanding how everyone’s background, culture, and story makes them unique and prepares them for God’s purposes, Melissa creates opportunities where she builds relationships and supports the people she works with. Melissa is excited for her work at Christian Family Solutions where she can create an atmosphere for children, adolescents, and emerging adults to feel safe and supported.


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