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Melissa Partl

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Melissa Partl, LCSW

School-Based Therapist

Treatment Focus:

Specializes in adolescent and young adult concerns relating to depression, anxiety, relationship functioning.


Melissa joined Christian Family Solutions in 2020 as an intern when she was getting her Masters in Social Work from UW-Milwaukee. Melissa currently is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She has been working with children, teenagers, and their caregivers in many capacities: as a home visitor, case manager, daycare worker, group leader, and counselor. She is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and she is committed to healing and helping her clients with the same excellence and unconditional love that Christ demonstrated in his ministry.

Melissa believes that each client has strengths that exist within them and counseling can be a way to grow and build upon those strengths. One of her main counseling focuses is to help her clients build a repertoire of skills related to interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, communication, and self-advocacy to enhance capacities for goal achievement and overall success. Melissa prioritizes collaboration and transparency in the counseling process. She highly values a therapeutic relationship based on honesty, trust, openness, and genuineness.


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