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Leah Nass


Leah Nass

Graduate Level Intern


Telehealth FL

Treatment Focus:

Specializes in adolescents and adults with time management, stress management, goal setting, academic concerns, life changes, anxiety, hopelessness, and attention/organization struggles.


Leah began interning at CFS in June 2023. Previously, she attended Martin Luther College for elementary and secondary education. Leah taught for six years in private high schools - three years in Southern California and three years and counting in South Florida. Meanwhile, she has been attending online courses at Concordia University in Wisconsin for her Masters in Professional Counseling.

As a teacher, Leah enjoys teaching academic content, but has found helping students through life's lessons to be more meaningful. From effective goal setting to conflict resolution and reconciliation, teaching has opened the door to many counseling experiences Leah now gets to bring to a clinical setting.

Leah shares; "Although the setting changes, the purpose remains the same: listen, collaborate, grow, and laugh along the way - all in light of God's Word. When we hit rock bottom, sometimes we need someone to help us stand up on the Rock, our Savior." Leah approaches counseling with a Christ-centered and client-focused approach - with a dash of humor to keep things light when when the world gets heavy. At the end of sessions, Leah wants clients to feel understood and equipped to walk back into their day-to-day lives.