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Why Home Care?

Why Home Care?

Oftentimes, it may be hard for some individuals to admit that they need help to remain independent at home, while others are unaware that it is time for additional support to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Being aware and watching for signs that could indicate the need for extra assistance often fall on family and friends.


The following guidelines may assist you in your observations in determining your loved one’s needs:

Eating Habits:

  • Has the elderly person changed eating habits?
  • Has the elderly person lost weight?
  • Is there food in the home?
  • Does the person have the ability to go to the grocery store or are groceries delivered?


  • Is the elderly person taking care of his/her personal hygiene and dress?
  • Are his/her clothes clean?
  • Does he/she appear to be taking care of himself/herself?

Care of Home:

  • Is the home being maintained in good order?
  • Is the heat and air conditioning in working order?
  • Are the bathrooms clean?
  • Is the yard overgrown?
  • Is there clutter blocking walkways through the house?

Safety/Mental Attitude:

  • Is the senior safe in his/her home?
  • Has he/she fallen recently?
  • Is he/she able to read directions on medication containers?
  • Is there adequate lighting for nighttime trips to the bathroom?
  • Has he/she had physical problems such as burns or injury marks resulting from general weakness, forgetfulness, or possible misuse of prescribed medications?
  • Is he/she connecting with friends?
  • Has he/she maintained interest in hobbies and other daily activities?
  • Has he/she changed relationship patterns such that friends and neighbors have expressed concern that care is needed?


  • Is the elderly person having difficulty getting around?
  • Is he/she reluctant or unable to walk usual distances?
  • Is knee or hip arthritis making it difficult to get around the house?
  • Is he/she shuffling, or would he/she benefit from a cane or walker?


  • Has the person exhibited forgetfulness or inappropriate behavior?
  • Is he/she unusually loud or quiet, paranoid, agitated, making phone calls at all hours?
  • Has his/her forgetfulness resulted in unopened mail, piling newspapers, unfilled prescriptions, or missed appointments?
  • Has he/she mishandled finances such as not paying bills, losing money, paying bills twice or more, or hiding money?
  • Has he/she made unusual purchases such as buying more than one magazine subscription of the same magazine, entering an unusual amount of contests, purchasing an increased amount of items from television advertisements?
  • Are multiple medications from multiple doctors being taken?

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