Suicide Presentations

Presented by: Sarah Reik, MS, LPC, DCC
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: MAP: $200/Non-MAP: $300 (plus expenses)



Are you the person your friends talk to when life gets tough? Do you think one or more of the people you know may be depressed? Are you afraid they might try to hurt themselves, or even worse? In this session we will talk about some of the challenges you may be dealing with as you try to help your friends in the best way possible. We will identify the signs and causes of depression, and look at the warning signs of suicide. We will discuss specific ways to help your struggling friends, as well as ways to care for yourself.


Notes: This presentation is written specifically for teenagers, but can be adapted for parents and other adults as well. This presentation is available to organizations throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Please contact us to arrange for travel fees/accommodations. Available for in-person or video-conferencing presentation.

Length: 30 or 60 minutes




This brief presentation gives an overview of risk factors for suicide as well as warning signs. It includes practical advice for how to proceed if you think someone might be having suicidal thoughts as well as some guidelines of how not to respond. It also includes resources for you to use yourself or pass along to the student. This is meant to be an interactive presentation with time for questions and discussion. My goal is to provide you with practical, useful information that you can use with your students and to answer any questions you might have about this challenging topic. Let’s talk.


Notes: In addition to being a 60-minute in-person presentation, this presentation can also be shortened to 30 minutes and delivered via video-conferencing, which would be perfectly suited to faculty meetings, circuit pastor gatherings, conferences, or other events. The presentation is practical and allows for questions and discussion. A 6×8 screen for PowerPoint projection is requested. Handouts will be provided. Available for in-person or video-conferencing presentation.


30-minute video chat: MAP: $100/Non-MAP: $200
60-minute presentation: MAP: $200/Non-MAP: $300 (plus expenses)