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Cornerstone – a Faith-fueled Resilience System

Cornerstone – a Faith-fueled Resilience System

Length: Six one-hour sessions or a one-day workshop

Intended Audience: Congregation and community members

Cost: $1,800 for the six modules, plus mileage expenses 


Cornerstone empowers congregations to embrace mental wellness education as a ministry. The program provides congregations with the opportunity to reach people with mental wellness strategies while opening the door for the Gospel to be shared. 


Cornerstone shares the game-changing grace of God through the teaching of practical resilience skills. It can be offered as a member service and a community outreach program, offering participants a compassionate community within a congregation and access to clinical support where necessary.


Each of the six modules teaches a primary skill associated with resilience. Participants learn and practice the skill. The delivery and content can be customized based on the audience.


A limited number of programs can be delivered in the next year. A train-the-trainer program is available. 


A promotional toolkit is available to help host congregations plan and promote Cornerstone. [Download the Cornerstone promotional toolkit.] When a Cornerstone program is scheduled, the Cornerstone Participant Guides are provided for congregations to print as desired.


To inquire about bringing Cornerstone to your congregation, contact Karen Fischer, Licensed Professional Counselor, at