You are Prepared

Words of Wisdom from the Maid of Honor

Why I'm Not Setting New Year's Resolutions

Why Do We Suffer?

Who Has Time for Family?

Where Is My Christmas Joy?

Where is God in Our World Today?

When Will We Stop Being Afraid?

When Is It Time for Home Care?

What's Your Digital Resolution?

What Am I Really Craving?

Up in smoke: the teen tobacco epidemic

Understanding & Treating Childhood Trauma

Transition Tips for a Successful Summer

Tips to Cope with Homesickness

Tips on Preventing Falls in Seniors

There is a solution.

The Quest for Peace: Prayer, Scripture Meditation, and Gratitude

The Not-So-Perfect Storm

The Longest Day or Two...

The Fortnite Struggle

The Effects of Trauma on the Child’s Brain

Thank you to all who supported our Healing . Helping . Hope Gala!

Summertime Blues?

Strategies for managing distance learning

Strategies for a Successful School Year

Story Time with Miss Jodie: The Invisible String

Stay Connected

Spring Cleaning

Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Preparation for a Healthy Christmas Season

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Seniors and Post-Holiday Blues: Why It Happens and What to Do

Self-esteem for kids activity

Self-Care Guide

School Survival Guide for Students

Rest and Sleep: A Mandate from God

Ready, Set, Wait...

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PTSD: Helping Veterans & Their Families

PTSD and Veterans

Preparation meets need: Providing mental health services through telehealth

Practicing Patience

Practice Your PRIDE Skills: Ideas for Parents to Connect

Practical Tips for Balancing Negative News with Gratitude

Parenting: Making the Morning Routine Fun!

Parenting Your College Student

Overcoming Defensiveness in Our Relationships

Our Mankato counseling clinic has moved to serve you better!

Our Lakeville counseling clinic has moved to serve you better!

Opposite Action Skill

Not Your Ordinary Vocabulary Lesson

Not Feeling So Romantic?


Mental Health in Your Ministry: A Complete Guide

Mental Health in Your Community: A Complete Guide

Member Assistance Program (MAP) for Teens Report

Mankato Clinic Open House

Managing Christmas Expectations

Maintaining Your Family's Balance

Living with Infertility

Life Worth Living

Let Us Put on the Lens of Gratitude!

Lakeville Clinic Open House

Keep Calm and Trust God: Tips for Young Families During Stressful Times

Jayne Rosenberg reads "Love You Forever"

It Is Good to Be Here!

I'd Like to Try Counseling, but...

How to REALLY Listen to Your Children

How therapy this summer can set your child up for success this coming school year

Helpful Resources to Share and Use During COVID-19

Help! My Kids Are Home for the Summer!

Help at Home for the Holidays

Healthy Friendships Among Seniors

Getting Through the Winter: Seasonal Affective Disorder--Part 2

Getting Our Children (and Ourselves) Through Winter Boredom--Part 1

Four Responses to Crisis

Five Quarantine Coping Tips

Feeling SAD?

Feeling Anxious?

Farewell to Our Dear Friends

Family Peace at the Holidays

Exercise Your Mental Health in 2016

Downsizing Tips for Seniors and Their Families

Does video counseling actually work?

Dementia Basics—Part 2

Dementia Basics—Part 1

Delight in the Midst of Overwhelm

Dealing With Disappointment

Creating Contentment

COVID Quarantine: Family Edition

Counselor Connection Blog: Stress (part 2)

Counselor Connection Blog: Stress (Part 1)

Counselor Connection Blog: Model Parenting

Coronavirus Guide for Kids

Coping Strategies for Adults and Kids Following a Tragic Event

Cognitive Defusion—Shopping for Thoughts Exercise

Cognitive Defusion

Child Sexual Abuse: Help & Healing for Adult Survivors

CFS counselors deliver nearly 19,000 telehealth sessions during pandemic so far

Causing Another to Stumble: Rethinking Our Views on Alcohol

Caring for the Caregiver

Calm Amidst the Coronavirus Chaos

Brookfield Clinic Open House

Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Appreciate the Pause

A True Hall of Fame

A Message for Member Assistance Program Organizations

A Full Day

5 Ways to Combat Loneliness and Addiction

5 Reminders in Dealing with Disappointment and Loss

5 Principals of Psychological First Aid

'Tis the Season...for Video Games

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