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Becca now recognizes her worth


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Becca now recognizes her worth

Becca’s healthy relationships with God, family, friends, and herself have been her biggest triumphs since she began an adult intensive outpatient program at CFS.

Her struggles with addiction and mental health challenges began when Becca was 14 years old. She remembers the day when she first became aware of her challenges as a teenager.

“I first thought I had a problem when I was withdrawing from my family and friends and when I always wanted more of a high,” she says.

Becca tried getting sober on her own, many times. She was also hospitalized for her mental health challenges, but her symptoms and substance use did not change after she was released from the hospital.

One day, a friend who participated in outpatient therapy at Christian Family Solutions recommended she try the CFS Adult Dual Diagnosis Program.  The idea of a program that offered equal treatment for her substance use and mental health problems made sense to Becca.

“I knew I needed to work on both my substance use and mental health. Not until I worked on both, together, would I be able to move beyond being sober to living clean.”

As eager as Becca was to enroll in the CFS treatment program, the first few weeks were a struggle. She had to overcome her fears of sharing her pain in a group setting.  Fortunately, it did not take long for her fears to be relieved.

“This program clicked for me because of my counselor and my therapist. Both were so understanding and willing to listen and provide feedback. I had a good group and felt so lucky.”

Becca remembers the day her substance use habits were changing.

“It was the day I realized that my cravings were simply thoughts. And the day I found strength to say no to unhealthy behavior. That was also the day I told my significant other than I needed to work on myself and not our relationship.”

Because it is a part of who she is, Becca’s Christian faith was integrated into the therapeutic process. For Becca, this was a vital component of her recovery process.

“CFS has helped me in my faith. I have connected with people from my past who have made my recovery stronger. God had a plan for me all along and treatment was part of the plan. I have learned to let go of what I cannot control and put my trust in God.”

Becca is living her life differently today. She is reframing her negative thoughts, recognizing her emotions, and making a conscious choice to get better each day.

“My life has been saved. I feel God has brought people into my life continuously for me to learn and will keep providing people to help me learn.”

How do our donors make this possible? For higher level of care programs like Becca’s, there are start-up costs such as recruiting and hiring qualified Christian clinicians, and training our team to deliver evidence-based care that is properly integrated with Christian principles. Generous donors help make this quality, distinctly Christian care accessible to more people.

We are grateful for our donors who help make the CFS approach of distinctly Christian care accessible to more people.

(This client’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.)


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