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Getting Started Using the South Central District Member Assistance Program

Video-Assisted Counseling Services
The Member Assistance Program is available to the members of the South Central District or those who are working toward membership and are under the direct spiritual care of a pastor. Video-assisted counseling services are available as a benefit of their official membership in a district congregation and are offered at no direct cost to members.


Payment Process
The fee for congregations whose members receive video-assisted counseling is $75 per hour (session).  The South Central District Secretary will coordinate the payment process.  The pastors of the congregations whose members have received counseling will receive a quarterly invoice for the number of sessions used by their members.


Referral Process
Pastors in the South Central District can directly refer members of the congregation they serve to WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions when there is a need for counseling services. Counseling occurs through a secure, online video conference with counselors from Christian Family Solutions. Congregations may wish to have sufficient video conferencing equipment available at the church. Members can also receive counseling services by connecting directly from their own homes.


The pastors in the district serve as the gatekeepers (referral agents) for the counseling services. They will oversee referrals for the members in the congregation they serve. The pastor will also authorize the number of counseling sessions each member may receive.  Referrals to the program will not be accepted without the knowledge of the congregation’s pastor. The program was developed as a supplement to pastoral counseling and is not intended to replace existing services of support in the church or community. The counselors in the program collaborate with the pastor of the congregation to provide counseling services. The referral process is easy to follow and involves the following steps:


1. Refer
Let us know who you are referring. Call us at 262.345.5111, e-mail us at, or complete this secure online referral form: Let us know who you’d like to refer, provide a brief description of the area of concern, and tell us how many counseling hours/sessions you’d like to make available.


2. Web-Based Intake
After you have contacted us,  you can give your member a web link to a short online intake. This link will provide the member with a description of services and obtain general intake information. Once the intake information has been submitted, a representative from the Member Assistance Program will contact them by phone within one business day to schedule an appointment for counseling. You will be informed of the appointment time in order to help facilitate the video connection if the member is connecting from the church.


The number of counseling hours initially available is determined by the congregation. Congregations can determine how many initial sessions are available as well as the process for requesting additional sessions if needed. For billing purposes, Christian Family Solutions will let the District Special Ministries Coordinator know how many sessions are used by each congregation on a quarterly basis. No personal information will be shared with the District Coordinator. He will not have access to the names of anyone receiving counseling.


Connecting by Video
The process of connecting with a counselor by video is quick and easy. At the scheduled appointment time, the member can go to and click on “Connect with Your Provider.” The counselor will call the person by phone and provide a conference ID and password to enter. The member will then enter a secure, encrypted meeting room. Please click here for a demonstration of the connection process.


The Member Assistance Program is available to the members of congregations within the South Central District or those who are working toward membership and are under the direct spiritual care of a pastor. Members must be at least 12 years old to participate in video-assisted counseling. Members ages 12-17 will be able to participate after a parent has provided their consent. Parents will be invited to electronically sign a consent form.


Some problem areas are not best served through video-assisted counseling, including situations where individuals are actively suicidal, are in need of hospitalization for a mental health disorder, or have a substance abuse problem requiring local treatment. These individuals are not allowed to receive ongoing assistance through video-assisted counseling. Referrals to local treatment facilities can be obtained by Christian Family Solutions if needed.


Counselors cannot release any information without written permission unless there is a need to do so to protect the safety or welfare of the individual client or another person. As a standard practice in order to collaborate with the member’s pastor, members are asked to electronically sign a release form so the counselor can communicate with the pastor. Video-assisted counseling meetings occur through secure, encrypted connections. Video meetings are not recorded. Information submitted through an online intake is encrypted and kept within a secure software system that was developed for use specifically for the counseling industry. All records are not only secure but also have a redundant backup system in the event of a system malfunction. Only authorized personnel have access to these electronic records.


The Member Assistance Program is staffed by mental health professionals from Christian Family Solutions, including Ph.D.- and Master’s-level counselors who have specific experience and training in assisting adolescents and adults using a video connection.


For more information about the programs or services of Christian Family Solutions, please contact us at or 800.438.1772.