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A Letter From the CEO: “For Such a Time as This”

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March 20, 2020


TO: Clients, Friends, Referents, and Supporters of Christian Family Solutions

FR: Mark Klug, CEO

RE: “For Such a Time as This”


As COVID-19 changes life as we know it, Christian Family Solutions (CFS) is continuing counseling services and mental health treatment for those in need. As each day of this public health crisis unfolds, I am more and more convinced that God positioned a segment of our organization “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)


In a few short days, we’ve shifted the majority of our clinic visits to appointments via video counseling, a service we have been successfully offering for nearly 12 years. Our organization has:

  • More than 80 clinicians well-trained in video counseling
  • 12 years of experience in telehealth
  • 53 physical clinics in 6 states, with capacity to serve the US and worldwide
  • Concentrations of clinics in Milwaukee and Appleton (WI) and Mankato and Lakeville (MN)
  • Serving 661 congregations through our Member Assistance Program

That means, by God’s grace, we’re equipped and ready to serve people in this time of need. Telehealth is not something new for us, so we have been able to focus our efforts on connecting with clients and reaching out to those who might be feeling heightened anxiety at this time.


The increased opportunity to connect virtually means:

  • Our referents can be assured that people have access to help
  • Our Member Assistance Program can still connect with counselors
  • Students can continue treatment outside of school
  • Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Program patients remain connected via secure video.

The Lord is truly blessing our efforts to balance the constraints of this situation with opportunities to serve.


With so many people more isolated than ever, mental health is a growing concern.


Finances may be an issue – it is one of the main reasons people do not seek the care they need, even under normal circumstances. In light of the current situation, we’re working to remove financial barriers by communicating with insurance companies in several ways:

  • Many insurance companies are eliminating copays and taking other special measures during this national public health emergency.
  • We are working with insurance companies to waive copays for insured individuals.
  • We have decided to reduce telehealth session rates for an interim time for those who self-pay.

Anyone who needs counseling should talk with our intake staff about how we are able to provide access to needed care and treatment. We have immediate openings. You can reach us through our website here.


I need to give credit to our amazing team members who have worked to make this transition. Many of our professional counselors are creating resources to share with the community. You can check out some of those resources on our website. Here is a sampling:

  • Ed Frey talks about battling the effects of social distancing [LINK]
  • Sheryl Cowling offers coping skills for families to use at home [LINK]

I also need to recognize our incredible staff, residents, and the families of our home care clients and The Gardens of Hartford. The residents in our assisted living facility as well as our home care clients fall into the “high risk” categories, and so we took immediate protective measures to be sure they remain safe from the virus outbreak and illness in general. Our dedicated staff continues to serve these clients with protective measures in place, reflecting the love of Jesus each day. We thank them for their work.


We understand that COVID-19 may be a source of anxiety or depression for many people and we want to be accessible. We will reflect the excellence and love of Christ in all we do. Our distinctive combination of evidence-based treatment and Christ-centered care makes us truly prepared “for such a time as this.”


Though the future is uncertain, we remain steadfast in our Savior. It is important that we are purveyors of calm in this suddenly chaotic world. We are confident that COVID-19 will bring an abundance of opportunity to share healing and hope with our community. We remain in His service for this purpose.

mark klug, CEO of Christian Family Solutions

Mark Klug, CEO of Christian Family Solutions