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DBT-Based Skills Group for Adults

This is a mindfulness-based outpatient program for adults (18+) for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mental health diagnoses. This program utilizes components of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).


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This low-intensity mental health group provides focused, systematic, supportive treatment for a variety of mental health issues for adults who are seeking clinically proven and effective skills to manage mental health concerns. This program can supplement clients’ current treatment or assist in transitioning from a higher level of treatment.

Our DBT program includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute skills training group
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Consultation team of DBT therapists
  • Commitment to a 26-week program


What skills are taught in the program?

  • Mindfulness—learning skills to help us experience our current environment, sensations, feelings, and thoughts in a non-judgmental way
  • Interpersonal effectiveness—learning skills to help reduce painful and chaotic relationships
  • Emotion regulation—learning skills to help understand and regulate emotions and impulses
  • Distress tolerance—learning skills to help survive crises as well as tolerate and deal with pain in a more effective way

Who is eligible for the program?

Our program is designed as a low-intensity outpatient program for adults (ages 18+) who have:

  • received a referral from their individual therapist, and participation in other therapy services have not been helpful
  • struggled to regulate their behaviors and emotions effectively, causing impairment to their quality of life
  • diagnoses that do not improve with outpatient therapy alone (such as anxiety, depressive, or mood disorders, or trauma-related disorders)
  • a history of self-harm or suicidal behavior
  • a need for follow-up care after inpatient treatment or other higher levels of care

What is the cost of the program?

Most health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, cover DBT services. Please call our intake staff for assistance.

Group location

Christian Family Solutions
W175 N11120 Stonewood Drive
Germantown, WI 53022

Germantown Clinic Information

Staff Information

Each staff member at Christian Family Solutions has an extensive background in treating teens with depression and anxiety issues and brings unique experience to the group setting. Our team consists of Mental Health Technicians, Mental Health Professionals, Experiential Therapists, and Licensed Professional Counselors, under the clinical direction of a Licensed Psychologist.

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More about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment created by Dr. Marsha Linehan. DBT is designed for people to learn to manage their emotions and to know that it is possible to build a life worth living. We have adapted this treatment model and incorporate evidence-based practices into a program that best meets the needs of teenagers struggling with their mental health.


Our program is unique in that it integrates evidence-based counseling techniques with a Christian perspective to support clients both emotionally and spiritually.

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