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Breaking Free from Gambling Addiction

Assessments and treatment are available from Christian Family Solutions, in-person or through telehealth.


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There is healing, help, and hope for those with gambling addictions

When gambling for fun turns into an uncontrollable urge to continue despite the disruptions it causes, it becomes an addiction, also called gambling disorder. Gambling addiction ruins lives. So often, those impacted do not find help due to shame or lack of financial means to pay for treatment.


Now those in gambling’s grips can receive compassionate and effective treatment from the experienced counselors at Christian Family Solutions. A grant from the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services removes the financial barrier to getting help. Clients can work with CFS staff to find the best solution to receive low or no cost treatment.

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Meet Your Solution To Gambling Addiction

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The path to healing and help starts with a

Comprehensive Gambling Assessment.

If a gambling disorder is diagnosed, then our counselors will recommend a treatment plan that includes individual services and/or group treatment at Christian Family Solutions, or an outside referral if requested.


Clients may choose in-person treatment or telehealth sessions.



Admission into the Program

  • For more information on the Gambling Addiction Program or to schedule a diagnostic assessment, contact us at 800.438.1772.
  • Please click here to request an appointment online.
  • Call us at 800.438.1772 so we can review your insurance and payment options.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Center Staff & Clinic Information

headshot of Deanna Staples, provider for the Minnesota Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Deanna Staples, MS, LADC has been trained for assessments for treatment funding and also gambling assessments/individual gambling treatment at the House of Hope, Inc. program in Mankato, MN. She has held other positions in the past which include as a staff at a detox facility, a residential counselor, and a counselor supervisor.


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