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Pricing Information for Organizations

Payment Information


The fees for the services are covered by the organization with individual members receiving service at no cost as a benefit of their membership in the organization. Counseling services received through this program are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. The fees are solely the responsibility of the organization. The exact fees will depend on which services are desired and how the organization wishes to use the services.


The pastor or principal is usually identified as the main contact for the organization and the one who refers members into the program. This approach helps the organization monitor how many services are being used and ensures proper collaboration with the pastor or principal. However, other organizations have chosen to make the services available to members without a referral.


The differing approaches used by an organization, along with the particular needs of the members and number of referrals, account for a wide range of fees. There are no annual fees to participate in the program, and organizations can start a Member Assistance Program for as little as $375.


Please contact the MAP Coordinator at 800.438.1772 or send an e-mail to to develop a service plan that meets the needs of your organization.