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MAP is a customized and comprehensive way for churches, schools, or other organizations to help meet the emotional or psychological needs of their members by providing them with convenient, affordable services. Working collaboratively with the pastor, principal, or organizational leader, our MAP counselors assist individuals, couples, and families. Through this program, the organization can provide services to their members without adding staff and increases in their budget.

MAP organizations can offer services through Christian Family Solutions to their members as a benefit of membership, at no direct cost to the individual being served. Our counselors provide services via telephone, in person at one of our outpatient counseling clinics, or through live video conferencing right from the member’s home or organization.

  • Congregations/churches—covering members, employees, and called workers
  • Synodical districts, conferences, or circuits—covering called workers
  • Milwaukee Choice schools—covering students, faculty, and staff
  • Lutheran high schools—covering students, faculty, and staff
  • Colleges and seminaries—covering students, faculty, and staff
  • Businesses

Security of information submitted online is dealt with using very strict standards to protect confidentiality. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate guarantees that all data is transmitted securely on the Internet from client to server.


An icon resembling a padlock is displayed on the bottom of most browsers’ windows during an SSL video and voice conference. Using SSL helps to ensure that only invited parties are involved in any video and voice conference.


Quality Control Measures
Our goal is to provide the highest quality assistance services to the members of the organizations we serve. This model of service with the use of video-assisted counseling is an emerging area. We are contributing to the research in this area by engaging in our own ongoing studies validating research that shows positive results. Because this is a new approach, we are taking extra measures to ensure members are satisfied.


The following are a few methods we employ to ensure a high level of quality:

  • Staff training—Counselors go through an extensive training program for the Member Assistance Program as well as education, certification, and licensure in their particular field of mental health. They also have additional training in their area(s) of expertise. Finally, each counselor is required to participate in continuing education to maintain their credentials.
  • Staffing—Counselors meet monthly as a group to discuss specific cases with one another and obtain feedback and advice from colleagues.
  • Case review—Each counseling case is reviewed by our Clinical Directors to ensure the counseling approach used is appropriate. Cases continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis until closed to ensure progress toward goals is being made.
  • Client feedback surveys—A representative sample of cases is randomly selected to receive a feedback survey. The information obtained from this survey is used to improve the program.
  • Account management—Each organization participating in the Member Assistance Program is assigned an Account Representative whose job it is to ensure the needs of the organization are being met. The Account Representative will meet regularly with the organization’s leader(s) to review utilization.
  • Research studies—Christian Family Solutions is conducting professional research studies on the effectiveness of the program intervention. Several aspects of the program are currently being studied and will be submitted for publishing upon completion. Results will also be used to improve the program.

The fees for the services are covered by the organization with individual members receiving service at no cost as a benefit of their membership in the organization. Counseling services received through this program are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. The fees are solely the responsibility of the organization. The exact fees will depend on which services are desired and how the organization wishes to use the services.


The pastor or principal is usually identified as the main contact for the organization and the one who refers members into the program. This approach helps the organization monitor how many services are being used and ensures proper collaboration with the pastor or principal. However, other organizations have chosen to make the services available to members without a referral.


The differing approaches used by an organization, along with the particular needs of the members and number of referrals, account for a wide range of fees. There are no annual fees to participate in the program, and organizations can start a Member Assistance Program for as little as $375.

I’ve never experienced video-assisted counseling. Is it easy to communicate with the counselor?

One of the goals for video-assisted counseling is to help make members feel comfortable while communicating with their counselor. Our counselors are sensitive to the fact that many people have not communicated through a live video format. They frequently check with them to gauge their level of comfort throughout the meetings. Many people begin a video-assisted counseling session with a slight level of anxiety due to the novel way of interacting. However, it has been our experience that the anxiety level is reduced quite quickly during the first few minutes once it is realized that the interaction is quite similar to communicating with someone in full presence. If there is a technical problem, counselors will attempt to resolve the issue immediately. If anyone is not comfortable using a video platform, the counselor will work with the pastor to help that person find a local counselor in that person’s area at his or her expense.


Can members connect to the counselors by phone or video from their home?
Yes, the ability to connect with a MAP counselor is not limited to a room in your organization. We will provide connectivity by phone or video directly from a member’s home. We do require a landline phone, and there are certain technical specifications required for a video session. It is important that members are as comfortable as possible and are connecting from a secure, private location.


Are the counselors qualified to do this type of counseling?
Member assistance services will be provided by Christian Family Solutions counseling professionals who are experienced and have training in dealing with a wide range of problems facing children and adults. Our mental health professionals are licensed by the state where they reside and have advanced training, certification, and experience in various areas of specialty. All MAP professionals who offer services via distance modalities (telephone, video-assisted counseling) are Distanced Counseling Credentialed (DCC).


Can our congregation charge a member for the counseling?
We do not encourage congregations to bill or collect fees from members who are utilizing the program. The services should be available to members at no direct cost to them. It should be offered as a benefit of their membership and seen as a way to improve the health of the whole organization.


As a pastor, at times I work with members and I just need help identifying main problem areas and options for treatment. Can you help with that?

You can refer a member to the program for simply one session to provide a thorough assessment and receive treatment options. There is no need to commit to ongoing counseling. The counselors are available to assist the pastor and the members in the most beneficial way.


As a pastor, can I sit in on a counseling session?

We welcome participation by the pastor throughout the counseling process. Pastors are welcome to sit in on sessions as long as the member is comfortable and has given his/her permission.


Can our organization offer the counseling service to the community and members not in the church?

No. The services are only available to the members of your organization. The services are not available to non-members.