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Counseling for Organizations

Counseling for Organizations

In a time when emotional and psychological needs are increasing and traditional health insurance costs are rising with higher deductibles or no mental health benefits, many people are turning to religious organizations, like their church or school, for help with their emotional challenges.


The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is a customized and comprehensive way for churches, schools, or other organizations to assist in meeting the emotional or psychological needs of their members by providing them with convenient, affordable services. Please click here for a full list of MAP services.


Organizations using MAP can offer services through WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions to their members as a benefit of membership with services offered at no direct cost to the individual being served. With advancements in technology, through this program counselors can now provide services not only by telephone or in person at one of our counseling clinics, but also through live, interactive video conferencing right from the member’s own home or organization.


This program builds on the available resources within the organization and community. Working collaboratively with the pastor, principal, or organizational leader, MAP counselors can help the organization expand their network of caring services and help the organization grow as individuals, couples, and families are assisted. The organization can effectively grow their ministry services without adding staff and significant increases in their budget.


For the MAP Support Center, please call 800.438.1772 or e-mail the program coordinator at

Getting Started


For a brief video overview of MAP, please click here.


For a brief video overview of MAP in Spanish, please click here.


For a pastor’s perspective on the impact MAP can have on congregations, please click here.